Portfolio Project:

The Tapestry

The Web Design Story

As an online real estate platform, The Tapestry, is a unique project designed to appeal to residents living in Tampines. To embark on this project, we put together a few web design skills to create a develop-like website.

The 6 coloured logo made the effort a little tougher as there were more shades to combine which could result in the design looking amateurish instead of premium and professional. Instead, we had to tone back the website to leverage more heavily on the blue and green shades available to strike a closer balance.

The result?

A beautiful looking website that emphasizes on the project’s background story along with key pages to highlight the major selling points of the project such as the smart home features, and the 50 plus condo facilities around the estate.

The Tapestry Enquiries home page above the fold design

Screenshot of website's above-the-fold area. (See below for full layout and other web pages)

A Tale of Green & Blue

The goal of the design wasn’t to overwhelm the user with the logo’s 6 shades of green and blue. Instead, ample white spaces were deployed to retain the condo’s original goal of being modern yet stylish.

Stringent elimination was emphasized in the selection of the website’s font type to further illustrate this modern design objective. The home page was thus¬†custom designed to create a unique look and feel for the property. A unique look that retells the history of Tampines as the key inspiration for the condo’s name and architectural layout.

And as the condo was designed to look like a modern day tropical experience, it was tempting to repeat the trademark green and blue within the headers. Instead, these colour scheme were careful spread between subtle but critical elements across the website while retaining a professional black heading for the major content component.

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