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First impression counts, which is why more and more local companies in Singapore are choosing custom design websites over templated solutions.

Sure, there are many beautiful WordPress templates available in the market, but it doesn’t make your business stand out. Even worse, when your competitor happens to use the exact same popular theme design as you. (You know, the usual Avada, Divi, or another design from theme forest.)

Instead, by working with a web design company with the creative skills and ability to customise a design, uniquely for your business, you now have the marketing asset to stand out. To differentiate yourself in this online ocean of websites and competition.

Here’s how we do just that for you…

Creative Custom Designs or Blank Canvas Creations

At the end of the day, a business website is there to serve an important function, to promote your business services. It is a visual representation of what your business does, and why your customers should choose to work with you.

And it’s the same whether you’re a small business owner promoting your company, a sales agent promoting yourself, or an interior designer promoting your designs. Your website has to capture your marketing message and visually display them within its pages.

More importantly, it has to showcase your business. What you stand for and what do!

As you can tell, it takes more than design skills to bring these messages out. You need an experienced team with the marketing finesse to guide their clients and plan out a professional website.

That’s why our account managers will schedule a session with you to understand your website goals. You’ll go through our proprietary ‘Website Building’ questionnaire to help you undercover your objectives, website direction, and design style.

With this creative brief on hand, our web designers will then focus on designing the initial mock-up design according to your specifications.

There are two methods we use here:

  1. Creative Custom Design – a process where we use existing web designs similar to what you want to achieve and customise these designs
  2. Blank Canvas Creation – a process where we’ll create wireframes to help you visualise the web layout and design

Regardless of the approach, our goal is to present you with a website you’ll love.

WordPress – The Engine Supporting Our Custom Design Websites

Naturally, design alone isn’t going to get your website up. Our goal is to create a website that is both user-friendly and Google-friendly for our clients and their users.

Instead of coding and building a website from scratch, we choose to use open source solutions available in the market and work on them. And within the web development community, there’s no better content management system (CMS) than WordPress.

WordPress allows us to ride on their existing PHP and CSS codes to develop websites for our clients. This saves our web developers weeks of coding to recreate the same CMS engine. In return, this allows our team to build the website much faster as they don’t have to code each line out but use premium plugins to get you the design you want, and the functions you need.

Bridging Content & Design Together

Another key aspect of any web design project is the content elements as no website is complete without the text on its pages. The challenge many clients face when working on a new project is that they engage two different companies for their content and design requirements.

This often results in a mismatch as each entity fulfils its service without consulting the other.

To prevent miscommunication, we prefer to work with reputable copywriting agencies like Manuscript that specialises in website copywriting for local audiences. Because by working closely with an agency that understands web design principles, our clients are guaranteed a holistic package that accomplishes their objectives.

We Strive to Impress. We Impress Satisfaction.

Choosing a web designer today is an important aspect of your online business.

You have only one chance to impress your online visitor before they choose to hit the back button and exit your website. Much like a visual merchandiser is critical for the layout and design of a retail store, to attract foot traffic in, your ecommerce website design has to keep your customers in your online store.

If you’re looking for an agency with the skills to build a website that will impress your audience and customers, then WebExpress is here to impress satisfaction. We don’t believe in just delivering a beautiful website. We believe in delivering a website that helps your business grow by attracting, retaining, and securing customers.

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