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Online store allows customers to shop with ipad and website

Thinking of starting an eCommerce store and need a professional eCommerce web design and development team to build your website?

Our eCommerce web development solutions are developed for the Singapore business owner in mind. Because when it comes to building any eCommerce website, functionality is perhaps the most important aspect for your business. After all, what good is a beautiful website if it cannot collect payment and track orders?

That’s where an experienced team comes into the picture.

While we take pride in our web design services, we take even greater pride in developing a robust business asset to help you succeed on the internet. This means working closely with you to understand your business objectives, the type of product you’re selling, your payment gateways, search functions, and much more. Our objective is to build for you an eCommerce website you’ll be proud of.

Dedication & Commitment to eCommerce Web Development

The goal of most businesses is to build a website that gets leads and sales. And when it comes to eCommerce web design, we know you want to take it one step further – to have a website that can handle online transactions for you.

To do that effectively, we can’t just rely on a templated website. You need a website that has the ability to take orders, track inventory, email out sales acknowledgement, and make online shopping with you a wonderful experience for your customers.

In the past, most developers will build a html website for their clients. This is an effective method but it poses one problem, managing and maintaining this website becomes difficult. You’ll need to rely on your webmaster to make even the smallest changes like updating inventory to your online store. Definitely not a feasible option when you want to run advance marketing campaigns like limited time offers, clearance sales, and other promotions.

To solve this problem for our clients, we choose to use open sources solutions trusted by industry leaders and experts. And in the web development world, there’s no better solution than the combination of WordPress and WooCommerce for eCommerce store owners.

WooCommerce – The Preferred Online Store Plugin for WordPress Websites

With hundreds of extensions, our web developers will be able to customise and provide the functionality you need. Whether it is a logistical requirement, a technical system, an email extension, fulfilment or more, our developers are experienced and are here to support you.

The beauty of WooCommerce is how versatile it truly is. But versatility comes with a price sometimes. Because it means having a deeper understanding of not just the WordPress framework but also the core functions of WooCommerce. An understanding our team of developers are extensively trained to better support you, our clients.

But perhaps the best reason for our web building confidence is our internal workflow and processes we have in place.

Strict eCommerce Web Design Processes for Flexible Development & Customisation

The truth is, our services are considered premium in the market. But it’s because we’re not a one-man team or a freelance web developer. We have a team comprising of account managers, web designers, web developers, and even a web host maintenance support team to ensure your website is built to your expectations.

Every single project we undertake goes through a strict process flow to ensure our team knows what to do at each stage of the development phase. This gives you the assurance and peace of mind that your website is in good hands.

And when it comes to process flow, there’s no development work more important than eCommerce. Because an eCommerce site requires much more customisation than a typical website. The functionality alone can be quite tech heavy especially for a huge store with hundreds of stocks and SKUs.

Here’s our internal eCommerce workflow when you choose to work with us:

  1. Client Information Session
    At this stage, our account managers will work closely with you to understand your project requirements. They’ll go through our proprietary Web Building questionnaire to undercover your key objectives and the type of functionality you’ll need. Once we’ve gotten your requirements, our team will work on designing the wireframe for your business.
  2. ECommerce WireFrame
    The backbone or skeleton of your website. The wireframe will serve as a blueprint for all custom design and development work. With your requirements on hand, our designers will design this framework and get your sign-off before commencing on the actual development.
  3. Web Development
    Once we’ve finalised your eCommerce web design and layout, our developers will begin working on building the site structure. For eCommerce sites, this includes adding a shopping cart, checkout page, shipping options, payment gateways and more.
  4. Product Loading
    What is an eCommerce shop without products? Once the initial development work is completed, our team will begin uploading the various products, tagging them with a relevant description. This allows the system to sort and filter them into categories that improves your customers’ search experience.
  5. Systems Testing
    With the majority of development work completed, we’ll have to complete a final round of systems testing to ensure everything is working properly. We’ll use a sandbox function to test the user experience from selecting a product, right down to making payment. But it doesn’t stop there, as we have to make sure the backend functions are working as well. (This includes receiving and sending out notification emails)

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