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Within the Yellow Pages SINGULARITY wide range of digital marketing services, is WebExpress, the company’s web design department serving local businesses in Singapore. This web development service arm was formed with one key intention in mind –  to provide SMEs with a cost effective web design studio supported by a brand they trust.

The fact of the matter is, going digital is no longer a luxury in today’s economic markets, it is a necessity. That is, if you want your business to survive in this digital age. Having a visible web presence is now the de facto requirement for starting any business.

And because of this rising need, it has led to more and more freelance web developers popping up, offering entrepreneurs and small business owners affordable web design services.

Unfortunately, sometimes these cheaper solutions come at a cost.

The Challenge Working with Freelance Web Developers

You see, many of these freelancers are usually a one-man or two-man team. Their operational costs are therefore lower than most web design agencies, allowing them to “pass” these savings onto their clients. This makes their services appear more attractive and higher in demand.

But as their project increases, it poses a serious problem to some of their small team operations. For many of them, they don’t have a workflow or tracking process to ensure deliverability once the workload piles up. In best case scenarios, the project is delayed. In worse cases, some projects are never completed or suffer a tremendous drop in standards and quality.

It’s definitely not their fault, but as a business owner, we understand your time is money. Especially when your business is reliant on your website to generate leads and sales.

And every minute delay to your operations can be a major blow to your overall profitability.

A Web Design Company You Can Trust – Our Promise to Clients

That’s perhaps why our clients still prefer to work with an experienced web design agency. Sure you’re paying a little more for the services, but we believe you’ll appreciate the amount of value you get for this difference.

Because as a trusted brand in the industry, the Yellow Pages name is important to the company. Our company aims to work closely with ALL our clients for the long term and that means we have no choice but to deliver exceptional service and quality work.

Every. Single. Time.

Whether it is a custom web design servicetemplated solution, or an eCommerce website, our team has to meet our client’s expectations. And as a web design company, the only way we can ensure that is through strict internal processes combined with a skilled team. Because you’re not just working with one person or two, you’re working with an agency – which we believe makes a world of difference.

Here’s why…

Trained & Talented Team on Task

When you choose to work with us, firstly, our account manager will sit down with you to understand your project requirement and discuss your goals for your website. Once we’ve documented your needs, the account manager will hand over this creative brief to our web designer who will prepare a wireframe based on your specification.

Only when you’ve approved and signed-off this wireframe will our web developers begin working on your website, adding the various functionalities to meet your business needs. (If you have an existing website, you can be assured your site will not be touched as each new project is done on a staging platform)

And because of our strict systems in place, this process should be completed within 2-3 weeks depending on the scope and size of the project.

While the key functions and design work may be in place by this stage, our team’s work doesn’t end just yet.

You chose us to deliver a functioning website. And a beautiful, working website is what we have to deliver. That’s why our development team rigorously undergoes an additional step of testing each feature on the website before signing off that it’s ready for handover and migration.

Your account manager will then contact you to walk you through the website. And once we’ve gotten your satisfaction for the new site, we’ll complete the migration to your web host.

And to give you peace of mind at each step, we’ve prepared a progress sheet which you’ll received a scanned copy upon the project closure.

When it comes to web design in Singapore, we’re serious about giving our clients quality and real value. After all, it’s no secret. That’s how we’ve been building up our brand name over the years. A brand name our clients now trust and believe in.

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