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Searching for a reliable web hosting plan for your website and online business?

When it comes to web design in Singapore, we aim to provide our clients with strong online support and excellent customer service. And to do that effectively, we have to ensure our web hosting plans are reliable, affordable, and trustworthy.

One of the biggest nightmare any web owner can experience is to have a revenue-generating asset malfunctioning or shutting down at the peak of its business. This is especially important if you’re running an eCommerce website where every visitor is a potential new buying customer.

You might have heard of cases where servers get shut down, visitors are locked out of the website, pages cannot load, or entire websites crashing from a sudden influx of traffic.

Reliable Web Hosting Services You Can Trust

To save you the headache of ever having to deal with web hosting issues, our web hosting team has to work doubly hard. That means, making sure your website is secure and safe from brute force attacks, a common spam tactic used by hackers.

And while no website is ever complete “hacker-free”, even government sites have been known to get hacked, we provide nightly backups. You have the assurance that your latest updates and changes are regularly backed up so you can easily restore your site with a click of a button.

Specially Designed for Hosting WordPress Websites

To ensure we can provide top hosting solutions for our clients, we have to be selective about the types of websites we service. That’s why we choose to only work with websites that uses WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS).

And because our web maintenance team are specifically trained to handle any managed WordPress hosting issues, you know your websites are in good hands. After all, our programmers and web engineers have settle all the technical nuts and bolts to deliver a fast loading (server caching) hosting plan that gives your web visitors a wonderful experience.

And it gets better… you’ll also have access to a suite of backend tools like

  • Malware monitoring
  • Error logs
  • Site stats
  • VPS servers
  • WordPress support
  • 24/7 support
  • and much more

Oh… did we mention that we also provide FREE SSL CERTIFICATES? HTTPS gives added security by providing encryption, authentication and integrity when data is being transferred, an increasingly important feature for any online business that wants to give their web visitors peace of mind when browsing their website. (Major web browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox now mark on the address bar all non HTTPS websites as “Not Secure” )

Migrate Your Website Or Start A New Site With US

Our developers are ready to help you with your website migration. We don’t charge an exorbitant fee for migrating your website to us. In fact, we don’t charge any fees for website migration. As long as you choose us as your preferred web hosting agency and your website is a WordPress site.

But what if you don’t have a WordPress website?

Unfortunately, you’ll need to convert your website. Or you can choose either our templated websites or custom websites services to help you recreate your website on the WordPress platform. As a CMS, it is user-friendly and simple enough for webmasters and business owners to update their content even without any programming knowledge.

In fact, you’ll find that more and more corporations around the world are switching to WordPress for their online portal. So why not, consider one of our web design packages or speak with any one of our friendly web design consultants today.

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