Is a Web Developer truly the Answer or does your Business Need a Web Visual Merchandiser (VM)?

The Art of Retail Influence

International Big Brands Like Topman, Sephora, and Ikea Have Perfected This Age-Old Strategy, Secretly Nudging Their Unsuspecting Customers to Browse, Shop and Overspend Their Budgets.

Shouldn’t Your Website (Online Store) Be Deploying Them As Well?

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Once upon a time, before the internet age, business owners and major brands depended on clever sales tactics to retain paying customers and convince them to keep spending more while in their stores. And no, we’re not talking about attracting the window shoppers or the perpetual browsers… we’re talking about influencing paying customers to pull out their wallets again and make another purchase one after another.

Think about this:

  • Ever wondered why the bakery is always placed at the entrance of any successful supermarket?
  • Or why the fast-moving products are always displayed on the shelf (coincidentally) at eye-level
  • Or why newer malls are designed like you’re in a maze (effectively forcing you to walk past every stall and booth)

Like it or not, every item, every display, every layout, were carefully selected, planned, and arranged. Arranged to subtly influence their customers to stop, to browse, and to shop once again.

Does Your Experience Match Your Price?

An everyday supermarket High end premium supermarket

Yet important as they are… when it comes to websites, the digital representation of a shop today, these meticulous details and planning are thrown out the window.

Instead, business owners resort to standardised templates for their “shop's” design and layout. Supposedly “saving” on design and development cost while unknowingly discarding the true strategy in place.

What's Wrong with these Web Designs?

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If you've started to feel like you've seen a particular website before, it's probably because they're using the same common themes and templates readily available in the market.

And it's no wonder they all have the same look (stock images), the same information (copied and paste content), and the same layout (templates). Despite coming from different niches and industries.

It almost feels like you’re walking into a food court with the same stores at every corner, and they also happen to be selling the same product and services.

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with using themes and templates. The problem however, is many of these websites are ignoring the most basic and fundamental principle of sales by doing so...

Amazing Customer Experience!

How To Create An Outstanding Customer Experience Online

For the longest time, brick and mortar stores have relied on Visual Merchandisers to strategise and design their store’s layout. These retail specialists leave no stone unturned as every inch, every shelf, and every window space, is carefully scrutinised and evaluated to keep shoppers shopping.

But because of this attention to detail, the big brands are willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars on interior design and renovation. For each seasonal and sales promotion they run.

And the rest is history…

Their store expansion, their volume of retail outlets, their huge megastores are all physical proof of the strategy at work.

Now, imagine if you could inject these same principles (albeit at a smaller scale first) into your website design and development…

Keeping your web visitors longer on your website. Browsing through the various web pages. And either adding your products to their shopping cart or submitting their enquiry through your contact form.

Here’s the good news…

As our initiative to help more SMEs in Singapore adopt (and revitalise) Visual Merchandising strategies online, you don’t have to be Web VM experts…

Because for a limited time... we’re running free Web VM consultation sessions for the qualified interested and serious business owners. (See below for our selection criteria)

What To Expect At This
FREE 1-to-1 Web VM Session

After you fill up our 1-minute appointment request form, our Web Visual Merchandisers will arrange a 1-to-1 session with you at both your earliest available schedule.

No two sessions are ever alike as they are tailored to your unique business. Your brand mission, your brand story, your differentiating angle etc. That being said, there are certain principles that holds true regardless of industry or niche. Principles like:

  • The psychology of colours in web design – how to secretly implant a lasting impression on the minds of your web visitors
  • How to maximise the key digital real estate of your website
  • Why your choice of font types can instantly transform your website into a premium store (premium might not always be the right choice)
  • The little known "homing in" secret Visual Merchandisers use to force their customers to unconsciously focus on what they want - and how to apply this same tactic online
  • 3 fatal retail design mistakes naive clients insist on bringing to their websites

By the end of the session, we want you to walk out with a clearer idea about Web VM strategies and why they can make or break your website.

And if, and only if, you believe we have the right industry experience and know-how, you can also choose to engage our web packages. (Absolutely no obligations, as we promise to never hard sell anyone)

It’s no secret, our packages are considered premium in the market, but we believe we’re the first in Singapore to interlace them with VM strategies.

Because ultimately, whether you choose or not choose to engage us as your Web VM and Developer, we want this session to be meaningful to your business.

A Mutual Understanding & Agreement

We can’t speak for other web design agencies but we believe in always staying true to what we promise. That’s why we are selectively about who we ultimately choose to work with.

We apologise in advance if we have to turn you away but because of the dedication we put into all our clients, we need to allocate our resources to ensure excellent client service.

Please don’t send a request if your company or you are one of the following:

  • Your company doesn’t have a decent budget to execute these VM strategies – unfortunately, like any other visual merchandising efforts, they require investment. The international brands pump in as much as $50,000 on a single sales promotion. Thankfully, we can achieve similar results at a fraction of that amount online.
  • You don’t have an actual product or service to sell – that will be akin to us designing and decorating an empty shop. Unless creating a shop that is nice to look at and makes your walk in visitors feel good is your objective.
  • You are not open to ideas – some of these strategies may seem radical or extreme at times but the goal is to make your website stand out and help your customers remember you. The ideas are open for discussion as you’ll always have a better understanding of your industry than us. But if you’re not open to even discussing this ideas, then we might not be a good fit for you.
  • You don’t have an actual traffic acquisition strategy in place – location is and always is the number one rule of successful retail business. Having a beautiful store in the outskirts of Jurong Island is pointless without real visitors to walk into your store. Likewise, on the internet, you should already have a way to promote your new website once it goes live.
  • You just want an order taking web design or development service – our Web VMs are here to provide their expertise. If you already know what you have in mind and aren’t interested in a consultation, we have templatised web packages that might be more suitable for you.

Not any of the above and think you can benefit from this session? Send in your request and we’ll get back to you within the next 2 working days or earlier.