Portfolio Project:

Richill Industries

The Web Design Story

What would you do if your corporate website has no information, no images, and no registration form?

That was the challenge Richill Industries were facing when they asked us for help. They needed a simple yet professional website to show their clients within the chemical and painting industry. Some of these clients had been with them for years, but when they referred their associates and partners, they were surprised to find an empty website.

With that challenge in mind, we strove to create a professional experience for their clients. A site with relevant information where there was none. A site with beautiful images where there was only a single photo. A site that collects sales enquiry where there was only the email address.

Richill home page above the fold design

Screenshot of website's above-the-fold area. (See below for full layout and other web pages)

Unravelling Buried History

The beauty working with clients in the B2B space is the often buried company history the founder never told. And as a web design service provider in Singapore, it is often our role and responsibility to dig these rich story out and to present them in a visual way.

This was the case with Richill as we listened to their experience, their customer story, and their work process. It led to a wonderful discovery session as we unravelled the challenges they faced and the progress them made over the years to become who they are today.

And it was our job to express this story in a succinct and distinctive way.

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