Portfolio Project:


The Web Design Story

Unlike most MLM distributor, our client wanted to allow prospective clients the convenience of finding out more information about his magnetic mattress product by Amlife. And more importantly, he wanted to give this prospects a simple process to register for any upcoming live events where they could attend and learn more about the product.

To help him achieve this objective, it meant creating a website that brings out the emotional intent behind the product.

As most of his target audience were elderly people suffering from serious illnesses or back pain, the website design had to reassure them that they were in the right place with a professional team behind them.

Amlife Singapore home page above the fold design

Screenshot of website's above-the-fold area. (See below for full layout and other web pages)

An Appointed Site Among the Many Appointed

Like any sales related profession, it is critical that the website had to stand out from the sea of competition available in the market.

More so, when you’re advertising your company using any type of search engine marketing strategy on the internet.

That led to the careful selection of the floral background image on the home page which subtly accentuate the gentleness of the distributor with the firm results they promised.

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